Your one-stop solution

AgenaTrader allows you connect to different brokers and datafeeds simultaneously. No more switching between tools! Everything is accessible via AgenaTrader.

Whether you would like to scan, analyze, automate in your personalized way, all of this can be done from AgenaTrader itself without any 3rd party software.

Everything is ready, even if you only use one monitor!

You do not need more than one monitor. We understand that many traders are on the go, and a laptop can be more convenient at times and there is no doubt that a multiscreen setup is the preferred way of any trader, however AgenaTrader has been designed and programmed with our Docking Tabs Technology - meaning, even if you only use one single monitor, it would be more than enough! The AgenaTrader workspace design and grouping is highly flexible, and can be customized to adapt the layout to suit your needs to have all of your desired tools in one place!

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