Realtime Scanner

AgenaTrader has developed an extremely innovative scanner that allows you to scan hundreds of instruments in real time.

The scanner can be accessed by creating:

  • a watch list (Main -> New -> Watch) (see image below) or

  • a list chart group (LCG) (Main -> New -> Chart container -> List chart group)

The scanner columns may have different colors:

  • green: indicates a long position

  • red: indicates a short position

  • blue: indicates suggested but not confirmed orders

You can find additional AT++ scanner functions, in the Setup Builder: Analyzer Column section. If you make changes to the Entry Escorts list within the Setup Builder activation tab, then the scanner must be reloaded for the LCG or watch list. You can rearrange the instruments/symbols in the scanner via drag and drop.


By holding the Shift- or Ctrl-Key you can easily select multiple items of a Watchlist or any other list. By pressing the 'Del' key afterwards, you can delete all those symbols at once.

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