General information about products, upgrades and programming

License: ownership and right of use

Ownership of the software always remains with the manufacturer. With the purchase of an AgenaTrader license, the customer acquires the right to use the software. You can find more detailed information in our Terms & Conditions.

Programming and language

AgenaTrader was programmed in C Sharp.NET and uses a PlugIn Architecture. AgenaScript, our internal scripting language, is also based on C#. You can find a more detailed explanation of AgenaScript in the script help or in our forum. AgenaScript is very similar to the programming language of NinjaTrader, and it is possible to import NinjaScript to a certain degree.

Possible extra costs

With each AgenaTrader version, you receive a lifetime license. This means that there are no further costs for you when "updates" are released within this version. Costs are only incurred if you would like to upgrade to a higher version of AgenaTrader (e.g. from Basic to Andromeda). For data feed, broker connections, AddOns and Add-Ins, however, additional costs are incurred. You can find further information about this on our Website as well as in our Shop.

Changing product or version

Online products have to be manually ordered or terminated by the customer, using our online shop. For a product change, the old one must be cancelled/terminated and the new one ordered via the normal ordering process.

Each product license key is sent to you from the online shop: With the order of your current product, you receive an invoice with your license key by email (please also check your spam file). You can also find the invoice with your key in your customer account in the shop. When you log in there, you have the option to edit your products (terminate, cancel, place new orders).

AgenaTrader online media and support

You will find all the links to our online media (tutorials, module videos, wiki, webinars, partner offers and much more). Hre you can find instructions about ho to contact our sales or support team. For general requests about how to use the software, we invite you to use our TradersYard-forum where users as well as AgenaTrader staff will help you and give answers to your questions. In addition, our YouTube channel is also available for you, with webinars on trading education, software training sessions and more for your advanced education.

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