Price styles

You can access the price styles (i.e. chart types) options in one of the following two ways:

  1. Right click in the charting area to bring up the chart context menu, then select Settings followed by the Price Style menu item.

Darvas boxes

Darvas boxes are a powerful trading method. Graphical representation of boxes is based on trending methodology (momentum). If you wish for Darvas boxes to be displayed on the chart, select this option in the context menu.

In the subsequent parts we will describe each price style separately.

Candle chart

Candle charts display the following information within the selected interval:

  • 'open' price

  • 'highest' price

  • 'lowest' price

  • 'close' price

You can recognize the 'open' and 'close' prices by the candle body and color (see color settings). The 'highs' and 'lows' of prices can be recognized by observing the candle wicks (tails), which are located above and below the candlestick body.

Line chart

The line chart connects closing prices with each other for the specified time frame.

Mountain chart

The mountain chart connects closing prices from a certain time period with each other. It is similar to the line chart, except that the entire area below this line is filled with color.

Bar chart

The bar chart plots prices similarly to the candle chart. The difference is that the opening price is indicated by a small horizontal stroke on the left side of a bar and the closing price by a small horizontal stroke on the right side of a bar.

EquiVolume chart

The EquiVolume chart plots price movements, taking into consideration the volume, time and price components.

Thus, the EquiVolume chart consists only of the 'high' and 'low' prices of a period. The thickness of the candle lets you estimate the volume associated with a specific period.

EquiVolume Shadow chart

In principle, this chart represents the same information as the EquiVolume chart.

The main difference is that the candle body is displayed, showing upward trends from the lowest price to the closing price and downward trends from the highest price to the closing price. The remaining price changes, which went against the candle, will be shown as shadows. These shadows enable you to see how strong the trend is.

Candle volume chart

The candle volume chart looks similar to the candle chart, yet it analyses not only price movements but also the corresponding trading volume. You can observe on this chart as well as the high and low price for the period, along with the opening and closing price. The thicker the candlestick the higher the volume.

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