Switch to pre- and post-market data

To display price movements outside the regular market hours on the chart use one of the options:

  1. Right click in the charting area to bring up the chart context menu, then select Settings followed by the Switch to Pre/Post Market Data menu item.

This is only possible, however, if you receive these data from your data feed provider. To differentiate between these periods and the regular exchange hours you can set a different color for them according to your preferences.

Warning! For pre-/post-market you CANNOT start the AT++ setup.

Warning! Not all datafeeds supports pre-/post-market data. For Barchart, TaiPan AgenaTrader don't get Pre/Post data displayed in the chart. For IQ-Feed, InteractiveBrokers AgenaTrader get Pre/Post data.

You can manage the pre-/post-market time intervals within the Global Configuration: Market Place Escort.

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