License activation

License key

In order to be able to use AgenaTrader, you need a license key.

Your license key was sent to you via email by our online shop provider Digital River (ShareIT). Please keep this email in a safe place and save the license key securely on a storage medium. The email also contains the access data for your online shop account, where you can quickly and easily revise your products and cancel or order new subscriptions.

If you have not received this email, please check in your spam folder - occasionally, regular emails get lost there too. If you have no email from us there either, please get in contact with our support.

License activation

Open the file key.dat using the program Editor or Notepad in Windows. Apple also offers text editing programs with which you can open this file.

Enter the license key in the AgenaTrader licensing setup. You will find this in the main menu bar under the button "Licensing". The main key (Basic, Andromeda, etc.) must be entered in the top field "Activation Key"; then, click on the button "Activate". The message box below then shows you whether your license has successfully been activated.

In case your demo key expired please click on Buy/Rent License button and it will lead you to the shop where you can purchase the live license.

Demo Request

The demo version is a complete application, equipped with all the necessary features for trading. To get demo version please click on Request Demo Key button. In open dialog filled forms: First Name, Last Name, E-Mail, Language and activate checkboxes. After click Request Demo Key button. You will get the demo key via emails you entered.

Please note that the only limitation is the usage time of 4 weeks. If you are interessted in data: it is possible to select a demo datafeed from our partners Lenz+Partner (Tai-Pan) and Barchart. The selected feed is then installed automatically. You can alsoe request a trial account from our other partners.

Now all you need to do is create a simulated account and you can start using the AgenaTrader platform.

You can also request your free of charge AgenaTrader demo version through our Website!

You will NOT be under ANY obligations, DO NOT have to cancel anything and there is also NO transfer to an automatic purchase.

Possible error messages

"Invalid license." Please check the license key again, to see whether part of it was perhaps lost when you copied it, and whether there is an internet connection. Otherwise, please contact our support at [email protected].

"Your system time is not synchronized with the server time." Check whether there is an internet connection. Open your browser and use a search machine to search for the atomic time, and adjust your system time. Close the license setup using the Close button. You then need to restart AgenaTrader in order for the changes to be activated.

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