Standard chart trading pad

You can access the trading pad by doing one of the following:

  1. Right click in the charting area to bring up the chart context menu, then select Settings followed by the Standard Chart Trading Pad menu item.

If AgenaTrader++ is running then the Order Escort will be displayed.

If AgenaTrader++ plusplus is not activated then the standard trading pad will be displayed.

The standard trading pad allows you to define the following input parameters:



Trade Options

Define the symbol and the order size and receive trade confirmation (buy / sell).

Order Type

Select the type of order to be submitted to the market.


Set the validity period for the order ('good till cancelled', 'good till date', or one day).

Financial Advisor

Use the profile key to notify the underlying trading systems about how the managed accounts should be allocated.


place orders on the market with a mouse click.

Execution of orders outside the regular trading hours (using the example of Interactive Brokers)

To allow the execution of orders outside the regular trading hours check the Out RTH checkbox in the standard trading pad.

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