AgenaScript: Using AddOn- and package-indicators in scripted components

When you for example have purchased an AddOn like COT-, Volume-, Rimes,…. you might want to script your individual extensions for that.

Due to technical reasons it is not possible to address those indicators directly e.g. in Scripted Indicators, Strategies or Conditions via Intellisense, as it is possible with the directly integrated system indicators.

But you can use the SignalBuilder to set the correct signature of the respective AddOn indicators in your scripted components.

Therefore please do the following:

1) Create a pseudo-condition in SignalBuilder with exact those settings as you want to use the respective component in your scripting code and save this condition:

2) Switch to your usercode file in the Scanns-folder and open the condition with the notepad-editor:

3) Select and copy the indicator signature from the condition:

4) Now add it to the scripting environment where you want to script your own component:

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