Connection issues

Correctly establishing a connection to a broker or data feed

Once in a while, problems may occur with the connection to a broker or data feed. In most cases, this is due to the connection to the broker or data feed not being correctly established.

It is recommended to check whether you are subscribed to the corresponding service or have opened an account with the relevant provider. Here - depending on the provider - there are often several important tips to take into account (e.g. activating certain functions in the TWS, synchronized settings of the ports and so on). You can find all these notes in the connection guides that we make available for you online.

Connection guides for brokers and data feeds

The connection guides help you to connect your desired data feed provider or broker to AgenaTrader step by step. The connection is required so that AgenaTrader can receive market data, and also enables trading with the broker.

On our website, you can find the selection of brokers and data feeds via the navigation "Partners". You will see a list of all our partners. Select your desired broker or data feed and read the respective description.

You can find our partners here on our website: Brokers Data feed

Youtube videos: Connection guides

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