AgenaTrader offers you the possibility of creating a backup of the entire system. Should you ever lose data due to unforeseen circumstances, then the last data backup can be implemented to restore lost data.

In order to create a backup file select Main->Backup/Restore->Backup.


You need to disconnect data feed and broker, before doing the backup, as otherwise there might occur problems. When clicking on "Backup" you will be warned by a popup message:

Backup Timetable

  • Select a series type, such as, for example, weekly, daily …

  • Select the weekday.

  • Select the precise time.

  • Specify how much memory should be available for backups on your hard drive.

    • Once the maximum size has been reached, the oldest backup is automatically deleted.

    • You should specify at least enough memory that up to min. 4 backups are possible. This is recommended so that several restore points can be created, and so that a restoration to an earlier functioning version is guaranteed. The more backups, the more certain the restoration of functioning data.

  • Information about the necessary memory is calculated according to which data has been activated for the backup.

Simple mode

  • Options

    • AgenaTrader executable: when active, the installation file is added to each backup, so that you can restore not only files, but also the respective version, and this reduces version conflicts and cannot be deactivated.

    • AgenaTrader environment: with this, all user data, such as workspace, trading journal, Add-Ons, conditions and co. are backed up.

    • AgenaTrader data: here, logs, histories, replay data and snapshots are backed up.

Advanced mode

  • Specify the storage location on your storage medium. (Hard drive, SSD, USB …)

    • There must be enough memory and sufficient write permission in the storage location.

  • Options

    • Here you can choose down to the last detail which user data should be backed up. There are two main directories, the user directory and the data directory. The first can be compared to the “AgenaTrader environment”, and the second to the “AgenaTrader data” from the simple mode.

    • Activating or deactivating the respective checkbox decides which data should be backed up.

    • The AgenaTrader installation file is also always backed up along with this here.

With the button “Apply”, changes are saved. The “Backup” button immediately creates a new backup, and “Close” closes the window without creating a backup or saving data.

As soon as the “Backup” button has been clicked, the backup starts, and it can be stopped again using the button “Cancel”.

Each created backup can subsequently be found under the function “Restore”.

Backup on Virtual Machine


The user can run AgenaTrader on VM machine (in our case Virtual Box) and store the backup on his local machine. In order to do that please follow these steps:

  • Create the Backup folder on user local PC. In this folder, Backup will be stored.

  • Open Virtual Box and click on settings

  • Go to Shared Folder section and click on Add Shared Folder button

  • In open dialog select Folder Path->Other and through the Browse Folder window add the Backup folder.

  • Start virtual machine. Go to folder Network -> VBOXSVR -> User Backup folder and copy path. It should looks like: \\VBOXSVR\Backup

  • Run AgenaTrader. In Backup section paste backup folder path and click Backup button.

Now you VM backups will be stored on your local PC.

Mac OS

If you use Parallels you should do the same steps as for Windows. Please find details about sharing folder in Parallels here

In other case User should zip User and Data directory. By default they are located: User Directory: C:\Users\"PC_Name"\Documents\AgenaTrader Data Directory: C:\Users\"PC_Name"\AppData\Local\AgenaTrader

You may store these zip files wherever you want, but keep in mind that there has to be enough memory usage.

To restore the backup user should close AgenaTrader, extract the backup files from the archive and replace files in user and data directory.


In this window, all previously created backups are displayed. With a click on the desired point of recovery, AgenaTrader will automatically be set back to the version and files of the specified date.

The storage location of the backups will automatically be synchronized with the backup dialogue window.

The location of the user data backup folder can be defined manually. It can, for example, be saved in: "... /Documents/AgenaTrader".

With the default setup, the backup folder is saved in the AgenaTrader user directory (.../Documents/AgenaTrader/).

If you need to restore any data, copy the required data from the backup folder into the AgenaTrader user directory folder (.../Documents/AgenaTrader/).

Setback to default values

If for any reason you don not want or need your customized settings anymore or if you unwittingly made settings, you don´t want, yet do not find back to previous settings, you can easily set back your AgenaTrader to default values.

When clicking "Main - Backup/Restore - Setback to default values", you are asked if you are sure that you want to reset all your settings. After confirming this, AgenaTrader is set back to default values.

Please note that all of your settings are deleted!

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