Dow Theory AddOn Professional


All indicators from the Market Technique Standard AddOn

  • MarketPhases Analyzer Professional

  • P123 Professional

Conditions: (also available in the Setup Builder)

  • BreakOut from P2

  • Early P3

  • Reversal Bars Professional

  • Outside Bar BreakOut

  • You can find more information on our YouTube video channel.

Market technique stops: (also available in the Setup Builder)

  • MT Pro OutsideBar Mover (moving stop)

  • MT Pro P3 Stop T0

  • MT Pro P3 Stop T1

  • MT Pro P3 Stop T2

  • MT Pro P3 Stop T3

A market technique workspace (see PDF documentation on the Dow Theory landing page).


Dynamic trend filter long / short (see PDF documentation on the Dow Theory landing page).

Attention! "You are trading against a trend": this notification appears if the user opens a position that, according to a setup, is going in the opposite direction of the trend. This means that the trend stop is pointless! This notification is displayed if the trend direction is short but the user is entering into a long position.

Market Technique landing page

On the Dow Theory landing page you will find numerous further explanations and details surrounding the features of our MT AddOns

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