Due to a multi target setup no OCO-connection can be generated between Stop and target

In Logs-tab you will receive an orange warning message. This means that the Broker-API does not support OCO with multi targets.

This is not really an error message but rather a warning for the user. As the broker cannot manage this order type via the API, the trade is traded by the AgenaTrader trade manager.

AgenaTrader must be running during a running strategy and also has to be connected to internet, broker and data feed in order to execute the trade properly.

Information about which order types are supported by the broker APIs you can find in the Broker Disclaimer, which appears as soon as you create or edit the account details in AgenaTrader in Tools -> Settings -> Add (or Edit) Broker Connections.

Divergences in PnL calculation


  1. PnL calculation differs from broker platform.

  2. PnL calculation shows differencies between amount and percent.

  3. PnL calculation differs from my calculation.

This means:

There are different ways of calculation: @ 1. and 3. There are minor differences based on different calculation of commissions, spread and execution.

@ 2. When you chose an amount, then the absolute account size comes into effect in the calculation. When you chose percent, then the absolute size of the account that was available, when you opened the trade, comes into effect in the calculation. As every trade is opened with a different account size, the calculation of percent can differ.


Unfortunately there is no solution - minor divergences cannot be avoided.

Will my AT++ or scripted trading strategy also be executed, when I am offline?

An AT++ strategy usually consits of several trailing stops, OCO and IfDone order connections. Only in very few cases the three mentioned order types are supported by your broker´s APIs. For executing your strategy properly, AgenaTrader needs to be running and be connected to the internet, your broker and data feed.

Whern this connection is interrupted, faulty exections might happen. The same might happen with scripted strategies in case you used above mentioned order types.

Can I purchase some trading logic for automated trading for AgenaTrader (strategies, indicators, conditions)?

We do not offer support for creating strategies, indicators or conditions. Yet a scripted logic can be implemented in the platform - it requires skills in our scripting language AgenaScript.

Alternative to this you can create conditions with our SignalBuilder without any scripting knowledge and link it to an AT++ trading logic.

For very specific scriptings we are cooperating with Quanteo . Please contact Quanteo directly. In our Forum there are many experienced AgenaTrader user as well, so here you also have the chance to share ideas and ask for help.

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