Trade visualization

You can access trade visualization options by doing one of the following:

  1. Right click in the charting area to bring up the chart context menu, then select Settings followed by the Trade Visualization menu item.

There are several functions for trade visualization available:

  • Show Traderbars: if enabled, chart trader bars will be shown on the chart.If deactivated you may see inscription on the bottom left side of the charting area:

  • Entry/Exit markers: indicate where you entered or exited a trade:

    • green arrows pointing up show buy orders;

    • red arrows pointing down show sell orders.

  • TradeLines: if enabled, entry/exit markers will be interconnected, indicating a trend (both entry and exit markers must be enabled):

    • green lines show profitable trades;

    • red lines show losing trades.

  • Show Executions:if enabled, you'll see the text “order size @ price” (e.g. 50 @ 78.52) for each execution that you have received from the broker.

  • StopLines: if enabled, stop lines (HardTrail and SoftTrail) are visible on the chart. This functionality is only available in the AgenaTrader++ versions.

Show Executions

You may find this feature in the chart toolbar under chart markings (see image on left). It is not possible to display the executions at the same time as the entry/exit markings and trade lines. You have to choose one option. When the feature “Show Executions” is active, then you see the text “order size @ price” (e.g. 50 @ 78.52) for each execution that you have received from the broker. You can compare these prices with the Execution Manager in the Trading Center. Now you can have a very clear overview even in the chart of which prices you have set up your positions at, and can better estimate a profit or loss, and accordingly adjust your strategy.

Chart trader bar

Additionally, you will see that the chart trader bar similar to chart markings also adapts to the average price of all executions, shifting to the calculated price level. The profit and loss display also already calculates the possible profit or loss when you exit the market at the current price. However, keep in mind that we have not taken into account which executions you will receive when you exit, and that the profit and loss can deviate slightly despite this.

Entry/exit chart markings and the trade lines

When you activate the entry/exit chart markings, you will notice that although the entry marking stops at the correct point in time (y axis), similarly to the trader bar, it shifts. In turn, we calculate the average price for all executions that you receive in the course of the position, and display this price with the entry chart markings. You will see that the arrow often hovers in the air and is located far away from the chart prices.

The green lines show you the profits of the partial positions, while the red lines show the losses. The red (short) entry arrow is located exactly at the point in time of the position opening, but almost 1 euro below the entry price. Here you can see an average price of all executions (short) and multiple exit chart markings.

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