COT Mappings (en)

As of V2.0.2.1 of AgenaTrader the allocation of the COT data to the respective symbols will no longer be managed via the COTEscort, but using the newly developed COT mappings.

These mappings can now be found and also configured in the InstrumentEditor for every instrument, as is usual for mappings.

By default, the COT mappings are already mapped for all available futures, CFDs and Forex pairs with all available brokers, and you should not have to intervene in the mapping process yourself. In order to carry out a new import of the COT mappings, select Tools -> Settings -> Instruments: Markets and Mappings. In the Mapping window, check the box next to "COT Manager" and select "Import". The COT mappings will be imported and are immediately available.

If the COT data is not displayed immediately, use: right-click in the chart -> Reload scripts.

Each symbol is assigned the corresponding COT data using the "CFTC Contract Market Code". If you wish to change the assigned data or enter the COT mapping for a new symbol, you must search for the market in the table provided below and enter the corresponding CFTC Contract Market Code as a COT mapping.

You can obtain the table with the CFTC Contract Market Codes here: LINK

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