Fundamental Screener

This function is only available with the AgenaTrader Andromeda or higher versions of the trading platform.

Stock EOD screener

(available as well in the Discovery version)

The stock EOD screener makes it possible to scan for around 7000 US stocks according to the fundamental and technical criteria.

You can use the EOD screener for the following:

  • Scanning and saving the results (the lists will appear in the Instrument Editor in the Screener Presets);

The stock EOD screener consists of three sections:

The upper section offers the following possibilities:




Add, save or remove a scanner list

To save a new configuration as a list, enter the desired name into the text field and click the "+" button. Once saved, the list will appear in the drop-down box. To remove the selected list, left click on the "-" button. To completely reset the scanner and begin the new configuration, left click on “none”

Signal filter

Shows filter options that can be combined with the common filter criteria

Symbols filter

MS Excel Export

To save the scanner content into a CSV file click the MS Excel icon

Load Data

Reloads the current configuration


Deletes the current configuration without changing the list


Allows to show or hide the filter criteria


Allows to define which columns should be displayed within the table

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