Account settings

Create or change a connection

Open the Account Connection Set Up window by doing one of the following:

  1. Select Tools from the main menu, followed by the "Account Connections" menu item.

Choose the Add / Edit options to create/change connections.

You can find connection guides for different brokers and data feeds on the Connection Guides page.

First, the definition popup will appear, where you can select a connection name and data feed and/or broker.

Please note that the connection name cannot begin with a number.

After pressing the Next button you will be prompted to supply the specific parameters of the broker/data feed provider.

Once you have entered the necessary information and pressed the Finish button, the entered data will be verified and saved. Now this broker/data feed can be selected in the connection definition list.

Pressing the Finish button will launch the instrument import popup. After selecting and importing all stock exchanges by pressing the Import button, the Global Configuration: Market Place Escort will appear, in which you can see all exchange times.

Request Demo

Via AgenaTrader user may request Datafeed demo licence: Please click on Request demo button


  • In Provider field select Barchart.

  • Enter connection name and all necessary personal information in the exact field.

  • In addition please select your credit card type and click button Request


  • In Provider field select CQG.

  • Enter connection name and all necessary personal information (Email, First Name, Second Name) in the exact field.

  • Click button Request


  • In Provider field select Taipan.

  • Enter connection name and all necessary personal information in the exact field.

  • Click button Request

Connection settings

Connections tab

The Connections tab lists brokers and data feed providers whose connections have been already established.

It is important to distinguish between exclusive and combined data feed providers.

For example, brokers such as Interactive Brokers or MB Trading can also fulfill the function of data feed provider. In contrast and Barchart are exclusively data feed providers.




The name of the broker and/or data feed provider


Here you can select from available data feed providers.


Refers to the broker to whom the orders are forwarded.

Account settings

Accounts tab

Using the "Accounts" tab, you can define the preferred broker for different types of assets. Multiple selections of brokers are possible.

Example 1.


  • All trades are forwarded to DukasCopy to the account 423611

  • Currency trades are forwarded to FXCM.

  • Futures and CFD trades are forwarded to IB

  • Stock trades are forwarded to XTB

Example 2.


  • Futures trades will be forwarded via IB to the exchanges Euronext and Paris

  • Stock trades will be forwarded via XTB to Nasdaq.

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