Chart display and analysis

When is the candle considered "ended" in the candle chart?

You have various options for displaying charts. These start at 1 minute and can be set individually. Complete candles are finished at the respective specified times. It should be noted that there are various stock exchange opening times. The US stock exchange opens at 9:30 am, which means that in the 1-hr. chart, for example, the next candle unit is ended at 10:30 am. On the hour (in this example at 10:00 am), the candle is only halfway complete i.e. calculated.

TaiPan always starts its hourly candle on the hour, for example at 8:00 am. If the market does not open until 8:30 am, the first hourly candle only contains half an hour of market data.

Can I import my own data sources (tick data histories)?

We do not offer this option. In-depth knowledge of our programming language would be necessary, and the data connections are usually very varying. This is related to the different brokers. We therefore urgently advise you not to attempt this yourself!

The backtest function allows for an import of tick data histories.

Summer and winter time (daylight savings)

During the changeover from daylight savings time to standard time and vice versa, it may occur that the respective hour is missing in your price display. If your system time (including the daylight savings and standard time function) has been set correctly, the changeover of the time will be automatically taken into account by AgenaTrader. So please check the Windows time settings.


Holidays are not taken into account by AgenaTrader. AgenaTrader does not take any holidays into account and "thinks", therefore, that it is operating within normal trading times.

Outside of trading times, the Profit&Loss (P&L) is calculated from the last price; within the trading times, it is calculated from the "bid" price. This could lead to divergent figures.

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