The AgenaTrader Online Help Guide consists of four main sections:

  1. Information relating to brokers and data feeds. Choosing the correct broker and/or data feed provider is crucial for every trader; this ensures up-to-date information and efficient trading. We will help you to select the most suitable broker and data feed provider, in accordance with your requirements.

  2. AgenaTrader basic platform. This version is the core of our trading platform. In this section you will discover everything you need to know about AgenaTrader: the extent of its functionalities and how these can be used to increase the profitability and reduce the risk.

  3. Scanner. You will learn how to use implemented indicators and program your own signals, which the scanner will then search for in real time. This section also describes how to set the sound alerts and activate a trading strategy.

  4. AgenaTrader++ (plusplus) and further versions. Here, you will find a description of the innovative functions of the more advanced AgenaTrader versions for professional trading.

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