Trading or transmission of orders doesn’t work

Trading function is deactivated


Trading function in chart context menu and/or QuickSetup-buttons are deactivated:

Reasons and possible solutions:

  • Account settings for multibrokerage are not correct. -> Please check, if you have activated broker as well as asset classes and exchanges you want to trade in Tools -> Settings -> Account connections. Here you can find further information on multi-broker settings.

  • You are not connected to your broker account. -> Please connect to your broker via Main -> Connections -> Connecting.

  • Trading hours or trading breaks were adjusted. -> Please check in InstrumentEditor as well as in Global Configuration your settings of trading hours and trading breaks. Here you can find important information on Market Place Escort.

Transmission of order doesn´t work


Order is not sent to broker.

Reasons and possible solutions:

  • Mappings were not (or not fully) imported or are wrong. You get this error message:

-> Please re-import mappings. If mappingfor the instrument in question is still incorrect or missing, you can request correct mapping in InstrumentEditor with "Submit correct mapping"-button.

  • Ticksize in instrument is not set correct. You get this error message:

-> Please adjust ticksize according to your broker. You can find this information on broker´s website or in broker´s platform.

  • Account size is too small for order size. -> Please book some money to your broker account or reduce order size.

  • Margin requirements not fulfilled. -> Please book some money to your broker account or close some open positions.

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