DOM window

The DOM (Depth of the market) provides full functionality for placing orders in the market. In order to be able to use DOM, you will need level 2 data, which you have to request from your data feed provider.

In order to open the DOM use one of the options:

  1. Select DOM by using Main -> New or

The left side of the window displays the following instrument information:




Symbol for the selected instrument


Displays the current spread for the instrument

Cum. Vol.

Shows the cumulative order size for the particular price level


Trading volumes


Validity of orders


Closes the position and cancels all orders


Reverses the position into the opposite trading direction

Tip! It is possible to assign a Hot Key to the buttons "Reverse" and "Flatten".

The right side shows the Times and Sales list for the selected instrument.

What can you actually see in the order book? The two bars right at the top show the overall volume for buy and sell orders. Even if some orders are not in the visible area, their volumes are still included in the calculation.

The yellow cell displays the last price and the volume (in brackets):

When the box next to "Cum. Vol." is checked, you see the overall volume for the last orders executed at the same price When the box next to "Cum. Vol." is not checked, you see the volume of the last order.

You can see the overall volume for the respective price on the left (for buy orders) and right (for sell orders). Values in brackets represent the cumulative volume for n levels (ticks) - in this case for every 5 ticks. You can change this setting as desired using "Size Summaries for Every Levels". In the example below, the 2-level cumulative volumes are calculated on the sell side in the following way: 581+318+510+973+501=2883.

On the left side, the user may notice Volume Histogram (HIST). It displays the traded volume per price-level for the complete chart.

Submission of orders via DOM

The possible order types are summarized below:


Cursor location


Limit Buy (bid)

Bid-Area below Market Price

+ Left Mouse Button

Limit Buy (ask)

Ask-Area below Market Price

+ Left Mouse Button + Ask Checkbox

Limit Sell (ask)

Ask-Area above Market Price

+ Left Mouse Button

Limit Sell (bid)

Bid-Area above Market Price

+ Left Mouse Button + Bid Checkbox

StopLimit Buy

Bid Area above Market Price

+ Left Mouse Button + CTRL

StopLimit Sell

Ask Area below Market Price

+ Left Mouse Button + CTRL

Stop Buy

Bid-Area above Market Price

+ Left Mouse Button

Stop Sell

Ask Area below Market Price

+ Left Mouse Button

Market Buy

Bid-Area on Market Price

+ Left Mouse Button

Market Sell

Ask-Area on Market Price

+ Left Mouse Button

To submit a Limit Buy/Sell, Stop Buy/Sell or Stop Limit Buy/Sell order you have 2 different possibilities:

1. Select the cell that corresponds to the desired price and left click on it.

2. To submit a Stop Limit Buy или Stop Limit Sell order, hold the Ctrl button and click above the market price in the bid area or below the market price in the ask area. The selected cell will be frozen, allowing you to enter the difference in cents/ticks/pips for the limit price and the stop price. The picture below illustrates this:

You are able to move orders via DOM by mouse.

3. Use the cells in the middle to submit market buy/sell orders. This button changes red for a short position, and green for a long position. Subsequently, the opened position and corresponding volumes are displayed in the Trades tab. Clicking on the Flatten button closes the position and cancels the orders.

If the price shifts away from the initial price of the opened position, it will still be shown at the top or bottom next to the price column. If several submitted orders turn out to be in the non-visible area, they will be displayed cumulatively at the top or bottom next to the price column.

The user may access DOM, Time&Sales and QuickTrader properties via button Properties

The DOM properties can also be accessed by using the Hot Key.

DOM - context menu

With a rightclick in one of the columns of the DOM you will open context menu:

  • Hold: stops price railing (displayed in the middle)

  • Hide Quick Trading Buttons:on the lower end of DOM Trade Buttons can be hidden respectively shown:

  • Cancel all orders: all orders are canceled

  • Flatten: closes a position and delets all orders

  • Hide Time&Sales: activates respectively deactivates Time&Sales column

  • DOM Template: here you can safe, load or remove templates

  • DOM Properties:

  1. Buy/Sell Relation: Here the color settings for Buy/Sell Relations can be changed

  2. DOM Colors: Here the color settings for Ask, Bid, Times&Sales and so on can be changed

  3. Price Levels Count: There you may set the number of price levels.

  4. Fonts: Here you can select font settings

  5. Orders: Here the color settings for the different orders can be changed

  6. Other: Here you can change general settings for cumulative volume, price level count, display of tooltips and so on

  7. Price Volume Histogramm: Displays Volume Histogramm in between TradingPad and DOM

  8. Sizes: Here you can change size of columns of DOM, order columns and so on

  9. Trades: Here you change color settings for your trades and positionen

  10. Visibility: Here you can set, if Quick Trading Buttons, Spreads should be shown or not

  11. Volume Histogramm: Here you can change color settings for DOM itself

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