Cursor type

To access cursor type settings use one of the following options:

  1. Right click in the charting area to bring up the chart context menu, then select Settings followed by the Pointer menu item.

You can use the following cursor types when navigating the charts:

  1. Arrow

  2. Arrow with markers

  3. CrossHair

  4. Global Cross Hair

  5. Global Cross Hair with Scrolling

  • Arrow: displays only the cursor.

  • Arrow with markers: additionally highlights time and price.

  • CrossHair: displays the cursor as a crossing of vertical and horizontal lines.

  • Global Cross Hair: if enabled, links crosshairs for the same instruments on two or more charts within different time frames.

  • Global Cross Hair with Scrolling: if enabled, in addition to having the functions of the Global Cross Hair, it also allows you to scroll the chart within underlying time frames.

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