Markets and Mappings


The window Instruments can be accessed by one of the methods:

  1. Select Instrument Editor by using Tools menu or

In the instruments window, click the Import/Export button and then Select Markets+Mappings.

NOTE:We developed all lists internally and in order to save resources, we do not keep them all up to date (disclaimer).

For this reason we offer you the possibility to manually select the desired instruments and edit instrument lists. This also enables you to create a chart for an instrument, for which historical prices are available from the data feed provider. See further examples in the forum (only available in german).

We are currently working on further resource-saving possibilities to enable us to keep all instrument lists up to date.

Within the Mappings tab you can import the symbol mappings for the subscribed data feed provider(s).

If an instrument already exists in the Instrument Editor, the mapping definition will be added. Otherwise, the instrument will first be registered.It's possible to configure Instruments tab view

Simple view

The simple view of this window makes it possible to select a broker and data feed and import all available financial market symbols and mappings. The average waiting time is about 30 seconds, which the import takes per broker and data feed. How long do you need with your 3rd party trading software, for example, to create a Russel 2000 list and update all instrument data? With AgenaTrader, you can have data displayed and forward trades immediately after the import. And all in less than a minute.

Advanced view

Advanced Mode allows you to only import specific data. Filter between types: currency, future, stock and index, and subsequently according to the stock exchange: Nasdaq, Nyse, Xetra and many more. This means that you only ever have to save the data that you really need.

Category: Available only for Taipan. Allows importing mappings from different sources.

Add connections: Allows to add/edit connection. Details on page Account connections: Create or change a connection

Generate Instrument Lists: The function "Generate Instruments Lists" allows creating of lists automatically with the import of the data that is available. Instrument Lists can be filtered per type (asset class) and exchange market.

Example: If you import mappings and instrument data for the exchange Nyse and Globex, and "generate per instrument type" is selected than you will receive several lists for each asset class. The second function also separates lists based on exchange markets.

Templates for static financial market symbols in lists

This feature provides you with an extensive array of pre-prepared static lists, general or broker-specific. The lists are maintained and kept up-to-date via our server. The update also takes place automatically in your AgenaTrader. However, you do have the option to deactivate this automatism in the Global Configuration.

Inst Lists (Broker) tab display instrument lists only for brokers user have establish connection.

An instrument can only be available in the instrument lists after you have imported all necessary mappings. Otherwise you will receive a popup with the list of instruments' symbols that cannot be imported:

After a successful import, you may Global Configuration: Market Place Escort, where you can view the exchange trading hours or edit the predefined settings.

If you click the Delete... button, all loaded markets will be removed. You can also decide whether you wish to remove only the mapping for certain brokers or the corresponding instruments as well. Once you have deleted a market, the font text will be changed to "regular" (this also applies to instrument lists).

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