Video Guide

In order to save your time, we create the summary table for each educational video. It includes most common questions. Left click on video player opposite selected question will lead you YouTube video on exact second the answer is. Now you have no need to watch the full video. In addition, you may find the link to the wiki article with answers.

Download and Installation

Where should I download Agenatrader?

System Requierements

How to install Agenatrader

How to check type of operation system

How to activate AgenaTrader

​License activation​

How to get demo key

​Demo Request​

How to setup demo datafeed /broker

​Simulated account​

How to connect/ disconnect datafeed or broker


Do we sell market data or brokerage services

History length you can get from datafeed vendor

​Show All History​

Brokers we support

Datafeed we support

How to add new Account

How to connect two datafeeds simultaneosly

Chart Types

How to open Simple Chart

​Single Chart​

How to open Single Chart Group

​Single Chart Group​

How to open List Chart Group

​List Chart Group​

How to open TabChart Group

​Tab Chart Group​
​Chart Gallery​

Dynamic Scanner

​Dynamic Scanner​

How to add new symbol to List Chart Group

​Dynamic Scanner​

Chart Toolbar

How to create own workspace

​Workspace menu​

How to add Alerts on a chart

​Add Alerts​

How to open Instrument Editor

​Instrument Editor​

How to change TimeFrame

​Time frame​

How to add more instruments into one chart


How to change Chart style

​Price style​

How to add Drawing Object

​Drawing objects​

How to add Indicators


How to start strategy

How to add symbol to instrument list

How to add Price Markers and Lines

How to show/hide traderbars

How to change chart color

How to change ActionBar
General Chart Settings

Chart Trading Strategies

How see symbol information

How to use Chart Trading Pad

How to open Trading Manager

​Trades Manager​

How to create order directly on a chart

​Chart Trading​

How to create IFDone connection

​IfDone orders​

How to create OCO connection

​OCO orders​

How to create ORO connection

​ORO orders​

How to save order template

​Orders templates​

Automated Trading Setup

Order Rounding

​Order Rounding​

How to use Risk Management?

​Risk Management​

How to create analyzer session?

​Analyzer session​

How to activate signals?

​Activation tab​

How to configure signals?

​Configuration tab​

Additional signal parameters

​Parameters tab​

How to set automated strategy?

​Parameters tab​

How to add analyzer?

​Add Analyzer​

HardTrail and Softrail stops

How to add Trading Setups on an Actionbar?

​Action bar​


DOM Requirements


How to open DOM


What kind of orders display in Order Book

How to change DOM Properties

​DOM - context menu​

How to change Time & Sales Properties

How to add quantity Alerts

​Quantity Alerts​

How to set discretionary orders via DOM

​Orders via DOM​

How to set AT++ orders via DOM

How to open Quick Trader


How to change Quick Trader color

How to set orders via QuickTrader
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