Create packages

Create packages - setup

Clicking on Tools / Packages / Create packages opens up the context menu window. The first tab contains general information about the package.

Name of the package Version number can be assigned by the user and must conform to a predetermined format e.g. Update URL if the user plans further updates for the package Documentation URL if the user provides documentation Support email if the user provides support Description of the package Make license validation available If the checkbox has been activated, the user has the possibility to assign a license key to protect his or her product from piracy.

Choosing the package content

After the general information of the package has been defined, the content of the package can be selected. With a click in the checkbox next to the element, this element can be added to the package. Indicators, strategies, conditions, self-programmed conditions, alert handlers, entry, stop, and target escorts, workspaces, templates and hot keys are available for selection.

Settings from the Global Configuration

The tab TE_Config.xml contains all the settings of the Global Configuration. These settings can also be made available for other users too.

Further export settings

Alongside the contents listed above, there is also the option to add your own instrument data to the package by selecting the checkbox "Export instrument data". The two other checkboxes are for the general AgenaTrader support service. This data is requested to understand a problem the user might have; however, these have no practical function in creating the trader packages themselves.

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